13 Lanzarote Beaches – Tinajo

Tinajo is located in the main north part of Lanzarote and considered by numerous to have the best surfing conditions in Europe.

Elements of the coastline have ended up being associated with the term “The Hawaii of Europe”.

The first of 2 beaches takes us to La Santa, in a village by the very same name and developed around a natural lagoon that borders a little peninsula. This relatively quiet location is controlled by the globally well-known hotel and sports complex, referred to as Club La Santa, a ‘winter season’ training school for international sports stars.

If you are into active sports or merely wish to keep your fitness routine whilst on vacation or if you wish to indulge yourself whilst your partner ‘does his own thing’, then this is the place to go. Club La Santa uses almost whatever you might desire in terms of active sports and everything you ‘d find in the absolute best gyms or fitness centres ‘in your home’.

Another article I’ve composed “31 Lanzarote Sports– Club La Santa” provides comprehensive info that may assist you choose whether this is the place to remain, so I will only briefly cover it in this article.

Activities include Tennis (10 courts), Squash (5 Courts), Badminton (6 Courts), Beach Volleyball (2 courts), Indoor & Outdoor Basketball courts, Golf (Mini Golf and short video game training), 5-a-side football, Full sized Football, Aerobics, Leisure Pool, Olympic size Swimming Pool, Children’s Swimming Pool, Boxing, Weight Lifting and a completely geared up fitness centre with 6 Rowing Machines.

There are great deals of beach/water sports on a beach measuring 910m long and including fine white sand.

광주오피 If you are an experienced diver and wish to go on a snorkel safari, an ‘intermediate’ or simply a newbie eager to learn then checkout the diving centre programme (by the leisure swimming pool) as it caters for all 3 levels. Equally, if you enjoy surfing then you’ve come to surfers paradise as this locations has a few of the best surfing waves in Europe.

If you’re more into the indulging side of a sports centre at home, then why rule out the Hydrotherapy bath/ Jacuzzi, Cold Dip and Shower, Steam bath/ Saunas, Hydro-massage bath with important oils, in private space (extra payment required), Hydro-jet massage, in personal space (extra payment required), Manual treatments (additional/ seperate payment required), Physiotherapy, Massage (Sports-, Relax-, Lymphatic Drainage-, Shiatsu Massage and Foot Reflexology).

After a busy day, there is a range of entertainment on hand from Karaoke to guest looks from semi-professional artists. As you ‘d anticipate, there is exceptional parking on website, although it can be accessed simply as quickly by guaguas (autobus) and most equipment can be hired on the day at the club.
Our second beach in this area is the neighbouring beach referred to as Tenaza (it is really 2km. far from Tenaza itself), situated in a backwoods and determining 90m long by 6m broad and including sand combined with great grained black gravel. There is a parking available in your area.

Our second beach in this location is the neighbouring beach understood as Tenaza (it is really 2km. There is a parking readily available in your area.